Resize Matrixbox

Hi All,

I made a form with a matrixbox in it. It has a maximum of 5 columns on the right side, but it usually shows more than 5, and the rest is empty.

When a user tries to resize this form, closes the form and reopens it the colums are all the way to the left. The user can resize it again, but as soon as the user closes the form and opens it, it gets reset again.

Is there any way to force the layout of this form, to never show more than 5 columns and always have these aligned to the right.


With kind regards,



Hi, Joer
I’m not sure this is what you are looking for - I had once a matrix form which used to “eat” the columns on the left side (the vertical side). No matter how many times the user resized them, every time the form was reopen the colums on the left looked smaller than they were when the form was last closed. Sometimes they even desappeared.
What I did (just out of despair) was to open the form in design mode, resize (just a bit) the left side of it and compile - it solved the problem, but don’t ask me why! [:D]