Resize image(Active X) in custom form

I want to resize the image that comes via active X control.


through above line I am getting the image but image size is big so its showing scroll bar in the image box.
Is there any property so that I can resize this Active X control so it will not show scroll bar and show full image in form

Any update

Which type of ActiveX object are you hosting in the ActiveX form control?

Microsoft webpage

That’s not a type name. Can you tell us all you know about it, please? Then we can help you to identify what you’re working with, which will allow you to ask right questions (both here and to search engines) and analyze capabilities of the control.

Correct Name ‘Microsoft Web browser’ subtype of Active X. I tried with image control initially but picture gets blur . so Now we are using active X control and set ‘Autodeclaration = yes’ and and In my above code ‘activex’ is the name of the control

It’s not a subtype of ActiveX, but all right, it’s about Microsoft Web Browser.

If you want to show an image and control its dimensions, what’s the point of using Web Browser? If you have a problem with an image control, shouldn’t you fix that rather than trying to play with the image through HTML and web browser? It sound that you took a small problem and created a bigger one.

If you insist on using Web Browser, you should change the code of the web page to do what you want. For example, try setting max-width: 100% and max-height: 100% in CSS.

I don’t know how to set css. Is there any property so that we can compress the image

On active x

Any help?

Your ActiveX control is hosting a web browser, which merely shows some web page. You would have to change code of that web page.

But I really think that your architecture is wrong and you’re wasting your time. You make everything more complicated by trying to show an image through a web browser; showing it directly would be easier.