Reset of Production Status

Hi Experts ,

How Can reset production status from start to created ? If item of production BOM components set at flushing type “Start” . e.g.

Client is producing a finished item ‘A’ from ‘B’ & ‘C’ .Both item’s flushing type is start. A (FG) 1 pcs B(RM) 1 pcs C(RM) 1PCS User created a Production order for Item A for Qty 1 . User updated production order status into Start . After updating user realize that Production order BOM was not correct . And Item ‘B’ was wrong item .User want to delete item ‘B’ and want to add item ‘D’ (RM).Flushing type of item ‘D’ is set start . System do not allow deletion of item B ,and show error ‘Deletion not allowed with status start’ .

So ,Now user wan tto rest status into ‘created ‘ but system show an error message . ”Calculating BOM consumption *X Buffer missing *X update has been canceled.


The buffer missing sounds like a modification issue. I can issue stock flushing at start and reset the production order without issue.