Reserve an item from PO for customer.

Hi All!

I have created a Purchase Order, and I want to reserve the items on this Purchase Order for sale to a specific customer.

Can anyone please give me a detailed overview of how to perform reservation from PO?

Because after having created my PO and go to Functions > Reserve from current line, there is nothing available to reserve.

Please note that the Statistics for this item is 250 on Inventory.



Hi Beatrice,

In a previous use of Axapta we had to do a specification to the ‘general’ tab in inventory parameters to get the software to ‘pre-reserve’ stock on purchase orders.

I assume that doing the stock reservation manually for each purcahse orders line is not feasible for you?



For this scenario where you want to hold set stock you could use the purchasing code on the sales order to create a link to the purchase order. The reservation entry the way you are doing it will want to take the stock. I presume the PO is not going direct?