Sales Item : 123

bom: item 1, item 2 and item 3

Bom of item 1 : item x

bom of item 2 : item y and z

if production is disable if it possible to have reservation for 3rd level like item x y and z…?

Sorry I don’t understand your problem clearly.

But during the sales order when you use reservation for BOM item(Sales Order Line Item) - only that BOM item will be reserved and not BOM Lines

kk, i get it,

what if i wanted to reserve all items at level 3-4

When a sales order is created a BOM - there won’t be any trasactions created for the BOM lines…

You can only have reservation when there are any transactions…

  1. Click > > .

  2. On the tab, select the method of inventory reservation from the list:


    Reserves inventory manually for orders.


    Reserves inventory automatically when order lines are created. Inventory is reserved in the order that the order lines are created. Regarding bill of materials (BOMs), the reservation is made for the BOM item number, not for the individual elements of the BOM.


    Works the same way as Automatic but with regard to BOMs, the reservations are made for the individual elements of the BOM, not for the BOM item number.


Question is about Navision (and it is in Navision forum BTW), but your suggestion refers to Axapta…

Navision has not such features, as already said in earlier answers.

Only workaround - “explode” Item BoM(s) in all levels down to Items, then it is possible to reserve them, but as “exploding” is unreversible and after that the Invoice lists all “parts” of your Item BoM instead of one line, it might be an unacceptable solution in most cases.