Reservation with Item Tracking

Hi all, Has any body tried carrying out item reservations for sales orders/Production orders with tiem tracking enabled in 3.60? In my case I find that item tracking entries are not proper if the reservation is done on a negative item ledger entry(i.e. where inventory stock is not available). Here, The next serial numbers are shown availabale for reservation But reservation is not possible,No message appears. After actual inventory is posted, & if i try to apply item serial numbers, It takes the next ones than those which were showing as reserved earlier. this again when trying to reserve give a message ‘Item tracking numbers not matching.’ Is this a bug or am i making mistake somewhere in the transaction sequence? Regards, DD

Hi Dharmendra I am a little unclear as to your question and processing. You seem to be questioning reservation against serial numbers in 3.60 but I am unsure at what point. Are you saying you are reserving agianst nothing? Then when the stock is in yo cannot ship the correct serial numbers? Could you possibly detail the processing steps - briefly - for me and I will see if I get the same error as you.

HI Steven, I still am gathering up a list of confusions. There seem to be a no. of problems with abv. What you understood is right, I am trying out reservation right away from purchase - production-Sales for items at all levels. Am trying out various reservation as well as ordering policies. Will write further in this topic shortly. Regards, DD

I am using reservations for production orders created for sales orders. Reservations do not get carried to newly created lot entries. When you post the output journal the reservation entry moves to the item journal line entry and when this journal line is deleted after posting teh system does not move the reservation to the resulting item ledger entry. What I had to do is delete the existing reservation entry from the sales order and then recreate it reserving to the new item ledger entry.

how did you do this? we need to know how to do this too