Reservation on Purchase Orders

One of our customers is using the reservation/requisition features to raise purchase orders from sales orders. They have asked me to amend the existing functionality that requires the expected receipt date on purchase lines to be the same as the posting date on the purchase header as it is a pain to keep changing the lines when they part receive the order. I have identified the code in the purchase-post codeunit that performs this validation and it would be easy to remove it. However knowing how these things can turn around and bite you unexpectedly in other areas of the application I am posting this entry to ask if anyone has done some similar bespoke and experienced any problems. Thanks, Chris.

Yes yes and yes. There are many areas where Navision checks dates, and this is even more stringent in Advanced Distribution. One thing to note with version 2.6D Adv. Dist. is a new field called “No date in purchase” in Reservations Setup. This removes date checks etc that are often very restrictive. There are some changes in other versions as well so I guess the next question is what version are you using? Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Thanks for the post… The customer is not using NAD but they are 2.6B and not D so I will look for the field you mention in the reservations setup. Chris.

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