Reservation issue

Hi all!

I am using Nav4 sp2 sql version.

I am unable to do reservation even if I have many items on hand on a sales order. What could be the problem??/

I try to investigate and I found out that for somes sales orders, oustanding quantity and oustanding quantity (base) are different even the base unit of measure is the same for sales unit of measure or inventory unit of measure.

Any help please.

Hi Taty,

the reservation should not have any problems as the reservation is always based on base unit of measure. Please check that the items are in the same location, and same variant.

If you are trying to reserve against purchase orders, make sure that the arrival date of the purchase is before the shipment of the sales.

The other reason for you not being to reserve, is due to the sales order being a “drop shipment” order. else, i do not see any reason for it being so.

good luck.

Thanks Jordi for your reply. I willcheck that.