Reservation for Alternative Products

Hi people I would like to know if it is possible to reserve items to a production order that don´t take part in the BOM of the parent item. I´m using Man 2.6 Thank you and sorry

Hi Gustavo You want to reserve an item that is not associated with the BOM of the parent item on the production order, but generate the reservation through the produciton order. Have I got this right? [xx(] Q1. Why? [:D] I do not believe it is possible but if you explain what you want a bit more I could possibly elaborate.

Hi Gustavo I don’t suppose this is some form of configured item? In essence you order one main item but have additions that can be bolted onto the parent during production, but because of the variety of choices this item is not associated with the BOM and is added later. As standard the BOM configurations would need to be set up for the different options, meaning a change in the sale item and an extended inventory (depending on the exponential variations of the product). Alternatively a configurator could be designed with a fluid BOM. Sorry just rambling on and guessing at the reasons for your question! [:D]

Thanks Steven I’ve developed a batch that changed the results of the MRP action. This batch changes the MRP line of the BOM product with one (or more) lines with alternative products, the problem is that i can´t make the reservation for the new line because it is not associated with the BOM. I know it is something almost stupid but it is the reality of the industry i´m working in. Thanks once again.

Hi Gustavo I would never claim to be a programmer, so I feel your question would be better served in the developers forum, explain to them what you have done with regards to pulling forward a substitute item for, presumably, conditions where the original item has no stock but an applicable substitute does, and thus that you would like the reservations to also be generated for the substitute item (or some such developers like speak! [:D]) From a non-programmers perspective surely when the requirements are generated onto the planning worksheet the reservation calculations are made then, if you are changing the components on the BOM to generate substitute items then if these are inserted into the code at the correct juncture won’t they then fall into normal processing and have reservations made against them? Isn’t there a function reservation management codeunit you can call? Sorry only guessing! Sounds like an absolute minefield with the potential of incorrect replenishments and quantities being returned. I wish you lots of luck! [:)]