Reservation entry

Hi, has anybody encounter the error message: Item No. must be XXXX in Reservation entry entry No=…, Positive = Yes. I get this message - sometimes - when I try to post an Inbound Transfer in the form Whse. Reseipt. I could not figure out the ‘rules’, when this error comes up. Michael

Hi, Which version you are using? Have you applied all hotfixes? I also get same error message with version 3.6 few months back. Then I deleted all entries with Source ID = 83 in Reservation Entry table. That time my database was not up-to-date with all released hotfiexes.

Hi, the client is using 3.70, so all the hotfixes should be applied.

Hi, can you filter following entries “Source Type” = ‘5741’ and “Source ID” = Transfer Order No. in Reservation Entry Table (id- 337) Also apply same filter in Tracking Specification (ID- 336) Compare both the table entries for following fields “Item No.” and “Location Code” It might help you to get the reason for this error.

Michael, Makes sure you do have all the hotfixes. I am working with the DE version and there are still some faults in the item posting management. We have implemented a number of one-off fixes in this area.

Hi, UK version here and we suffered the same problem. This happened on 3.70 when I did the following: Shipped the item before realising that the wrong item had been transferred from the old system. Undid the shipment, then did an item journal to negative adjust the incorrect item, then recreated it wit the correct item no. as a positive adjustment with the same serial. When I then changed the sales line to the correct item, picked the same serial number I got the same message when I tried to ship the item again. Think it is a bug, but we have not had time to replicate it, I will try to do so next week. We solved it by re-creating the sales line with a different line no., but still curious what happened. Regards Meint

This error is fixed in 4.0. Look for a Reservation Entry, type 83 with blank batch/ID. This entry was most likely created from CU22 while posting a transfer reciept, but was never removed after posting. Removing that specific Reservation Entry will solve the problem - until the next it happends. You will need to look into 4.0 transfer posting find a permanent solution.

We reported this to MBS, got the objects for 4.0, imported these, the error remains the same - ooooooooooops.

we get this error on sales orders which are at open over a regen. :slight_smile: