Reservation Entry blocked


This is my first message since I just joined this group. This issue may have already been discussed somewhere else, sorry for that.

We are running Nav 5 from 2008 with SQL. By 2009 we deployed also the WMS module with a lot of costom code - most of it for the PDAs application (.NET).

We have had huge performance issues. We’ve worked on the hardware, SQL config, indexes and C/AL code. Also we are working to reduce the size of some key tables by archiving some records to a different database.

Some improvementes have been achieved, but from time to time we have problems. The one that has bigger impact is the Reservation Entry table block. For instance, posting a sales shipment blocks this table, and WMS-PDA users can’t ever move stock from one bin to other.

Sales shipments, purchase receptions, MRP execution, inventory adjustments, production order movements… everything goes through this table, and from time to time this becomes a nightmare.

Basically I have 2 questions:

  • Any clue on how to solve this problem? Changing the C/AL code so that it blocks only the record and not the whole table is feasible? Would help?

  • Is there any newer version of Nav that does not create this bottle neck with the reservation entry? With the custom code we have, I don’t think we would upgrade to a newer Nav version if this situation stays the same.

thanks a lot!