Reservation and Marking in Ax 2012

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Can anyone please explain about Reservation and Marking? How to set reservation and how to set Marking? When do we use Reservation and When do we use Marking?

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Hi Mohan,

Reservation is to reserve the stock and marking is to mark the cost.

For reservation you go to AR->Setup->AR Parameters->General->Sales Fast tab

here u can set reservation as automatic, manual or explosion

For Marking you go to Sales Order Form->Select SO->Select Sales Line->Inventory->MArking

The Marking form opens and displays all the open receipt transactions. You can then select one of thse transactions to match to, or mark, this issues transaction.

For marking you can also go to Inventory and warehouse mgt ->Journals > Item transactions >Inventory adjustment. Select the issue transaction that you want to mark, click Lines, then select Inventory, then Marking.


Hi Trishant,

Can u give a small example for marking. (Any small scenio and why it is used for.). Mohan thanks for the question.

If in a sales order u have a item with quatity 100 and you want to reserve 50 out of them.

What you do is, you go to sales line->inventory and reservation. At reservation form you can specify the reservation of lot you want to make. After making reservation go to marking of the same line where you will get this reserved lot. You have to mark cost for that lot. This is marking.

Hi Trishant

Thanks for your answer.

Im still facing some issue while creating marking–>

There is no stock available to mark… If it means i have to create purchase order and then again start marking?

Before marking you have to create reservation. Until and unless you reserve a lot where will you mark cost.

And that too will happen on open orders not on posted or invoiced ones.

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Use marking when the cost of an issue need to be done according to a particular receipt irrespective of costing method.

Example: You have purchased stock of 10 with cost 100 and you want the same cost to be carried out by the inventory issue(to sales/production) use marking, if you are not using the marking then issue will happen with avg cost and again will be adjusted according to the actual costing method(FIFO/LIFO) during the inventory calculation(if it is not avg wt).

Basically marking overrules the costing method you are adopting.

To mark a receipt against an issue(vice-versa) the inventory dimension(which have ‘Financial Inventory’ enabled) should be same for both issue and receipt.

Marking will do a reservation for you…

Thanks Kranthi and Triwath