Research on analytic and reporting needs

Dear Navision user, Navision Software a/s currently conducts a research on our customers analytic and reporting needs. The aim of this assessment is to find out what type of analytic functionality is most important to you, what you require in the future and what experience you may have had with existing analytic products. Would you like to help us by completing a questionnaire on this topic? We have prepared a short questionnaire that you can get by sending an e-mail to: All responses will be treated confidentially. Thank you very much. Camilla Scholz, Product Specialist, Navision Software a/s Camilla Scholz Product Specialist Navision Software a/s Denmark

I don’t know about analytic tools but if you can give us support for visual OCX’s then we can work out, analyse and present data in almost any way we choose which will allow us more flexibility than any bolt on analysis package.