Requsition WS and Return Order Shipped Qty

Hello Gurus

I have looked at all the threads relating to the Requsition Worksheet and have found nothing that answers my problem. I have it all working very nicely and what I expect to see is what I see…with one exception.

When I ship a Return Order the proposed quantity seems to calculate the demand twice. For example, inventory = 0, max inventory = 50 return order = 5. You would have expected a proposed quantity of 55, which you do get if the RO is released but when I ship it the proposed quantity = 60! To check that it was a twofold calculation I raised and shipped different quantities and the result was consistent enough to think that the demand was taken into consideration twice.

Has anyone else come across this before?


I have simulated your problem description I couldn’t reproduce it. Can you give me your Navision version?


We are using 3.7 Retail (manufacturing not set up). The settings are as follows:

Item Card Planning Tab

Reordering Policy = Maximum Qty

Include Inventory = Yes

Reserve = Optional

Order Tracking Policy = None

SKU Exists = Yes

SKU Card Planning Tab

Reordering Policy = Maximum Qty

Include Inventory = yes

Reorder Point = 20

Maximum Inventory = 50

Replenishment (which I have not touched)

Manufacturing Policy Make-to-Stock

Flushing Method : Manual



Perhaps I should also mention that I had reduce the inventory level to 0. I had removed all supply and demands so there was no other commitments that might skew my figures. I ran a few simple scenarios through and I got the results I expected, o/s PO’s etc etc. What threw Navision into a tizz is when I then created a Return order for 10, released it and everything still fine. The very second I shipped it it increased my requirement by another 10.

I guess that it’s a bug from Navision 3.70. In Partnersource there is a reference to incorrect calculation in requisition worksheet in Navision 3.70. Later I will try to simulate your problem description in Navision 3.70a and try to confirm it.


I did a lot of testing and work in this area in the previous incarnation of this forum. Essentially the maximum order policy in 3.70 falls over and mis-calculates in SO SO many scenarios it should be avoided at all costs! The reported issues were fixed in 4.0, but this policy still fails in set scenarios in 4.0. I have not tested this, and in fact cannot in 3.70, but I can say with 99% certainty that what you are seeing is another issue with the 3.70 version and the maximum order policy. [:(]

My issues lies with RO’s not with SO’s. SO’s are fine not that we have any because all our sales are invoiced at POS and passed back to Navision as a completed sale. But, in any event, I did test with SO’s on Navision and it was fine.

Well thanks to everyone. One of you precious guys sent me a Microsoft patch for version 3.7 and it worked!!!