Requisition worksheet

Hi guys! facts: - Company has multiple locations in canada: Mtl, Ott, win, Qbc,… - Each location has several stores and one warehouse. - Each store can purchase items - Each warehouse can purchase items. - Sometimes items purchased by the warehouse must be transferred to stores, items can also be transferred from store to stores. - Cost and prices are different from one location to another location, even form one store to another store in the same location. - Min Max will be used for each item or item category. Questions 1. How can I set up my company if I need to run requisition worksheet to replenishment my stores and my warehouses? 2. How and when Navision will now if transfer must be done. Any help will be appreciated as I am thinking on all set up that I can do to avoid customization. Thanks

Hi Use Stockkeeping units. The replenishment system in SKU’s can be a transfer order so when the requirements are met it will suggest you transfer stock.

Hi Steven! If I use SKU, how can i set up my store and warehouse as each store and warehouse has to be able: - To do some purchasing - To wait transfer from the warehouse that ordre goods for them Thanks

Hi Each store and warehouse is a location, and with it they have a SKU. The store and warehouse will each have replenishment levels, the stores will probably be replenished from the warehouse through transfer orders and this is defined on the SKU card, however nothing will stop you loading a PO for receipt in a store, although next time you ran the requisition worksheet it would probably tell you to cancel it.