Requisition worksheet problem

We are using Navision 2.60 and moving to Navision 3.70. It looks like calculate plan option on requisitions worksheet form is not working properly in Navision 3.70 We have a product (Acetonitrilo) that has 134,8 L in stock. Reorder point = 162, maximun inventory = 300 and order multiple = 25 When we calculate plan for this product in requisition worksheet form, it proposes to purchase 300L ( max inventory ) instead of 175L, as if it doesn’t take into account the product already in stock. Did anyone faced this problem ? any workaround or suggestion ? I guess we are doing something wrong because I just can’t believe that calculate plan fails in that silly way. Any idea is welcome.

Hi Osvaldo, Check whether there is an check mark or not in the “Calc. with Inventory Field” Help Statement:- If the field contains a check mark, the available quantity is calculated as: Inventory + quantities from purchase orders + quantities from production orders - calculated requirement, within the range of the ending date. If the field does not contain a check mark, the available quantity is set to zero. All the Best ! [:D] Regards, Srinivas Shetty

Hi Srinivas, Thanks for your quick response !! One more question: Where should I look for “Calc. with Inventory Field” I look for it in “purchase & payables - setup” and “Inventory - Item card” but can’t find it. Thanks, – Osvaldo

Hi Osvaldo Check “Requisition Methods” [:D] Regards, Srinivas Shetty

Hi Osvaldo Also ensure you are on the latest hotfix as the maximum inventory method had some early issues.