Requisition Worksheet and Partial Receipts of PO's

Hi everyone and thanks for the help in my previous post. [:D] I’m hoping you all can help provide me with some guidance with another issue that we are also having with the Req. Worksheet. This issue deals with “Partial” receipts of PO’s and how the req. worksheet handles them. I have an item with the following scenario. SKU card settings Item ABC had an on hand balance of 0. Reorder Policy = Maximum Qty. Reorder cycle = blank Safety lead time = blank Reorder Point = 1,000 Maximum Inv = 5,000 Order multiple = 0 I ran the Req. Worksheet and it suggested ordering 5,000 units due 10/19. I carried out the action message and all is well. A customer orders 1,000 pcs and asks us to rush a partial to them (planned ship date for total amount = 9/21). In turn we have the vendor overnight any available inventory (575 pcs). The PO is now partially received and the balance of the PO has an Expected Receipt Date of 10/19/05. If I now rerun the Req. Worksheet it suggests that we “purchase” another 6425 units. The req. worksheet seems to be ignoring the fact that we still have 4,425 units on order & due in on 10/19/05. Thus putting us over our max level by the 4,425 piece amount. We have not been able to figure out why the system is doing this. Are we missing a setup somewhere, or is this just how the Attain’s Req. Worksheet logic has been written? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Jerry

Hi Jerry What is the version you are running?

We are running version 3.7B.

Hi Jerry You have the SKU card set-up, is this simply on one main location or all? I presume the sales order and purchase orders are placed on the same location as the SKU settings? Do you drop ship the rushed 575 or is it a receive and then ship out to reflect this? I have not got version 3.7 in front of me but I am aware in 4 the reorder point does not work in conjunction with the maximum order quantity, I am unsure how this affects 3.7. Could you tell me your components at location and dampner (time) settings in the manufacturing setup. I will need to run this through and see what it does, it may of course be a known issue in that version but again I will need to check. Hopefully have something for you within 24 hours.

Dear Mr. Weaver: I’ll try to provide you with the answers you have requested. The SKU is currently set up for the primary location the item is stored at. The PO, Sales Order and receipt are all against this location/SKU card. Down the road this item will have multiple locations… depending on where the item may be stored (we’ll have 20 locations but this item may only end having 3 or 4 sku cards of the 20 possible locations). Currently I haven’t shipped the 575 in the system; rather they are still in stock. After they were received nothing was changed on the PO. The system currently only has 575 units in house at the SKU card location. In regards to the manufacturing setup, I do not have anything specified for a dampener % or dampener time settings. Please note that although we have the manufacturing granule we are not using it . Instead we are using Job Manager. I hope this helps answer any questions you may have. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Jerry

Funny. I’ve just got the same problem. The problem is that you purch. order has a passed expected reciept date and that you have items on stock. Look here for my problem: It’s almost the same. As soon as we have something on stock the system seems to ignore old purchase orders with outstanding qty. I have reported this to the MBS Support as well

Lars: In the example above the PO’s outstanding amount is still expected to be received on 10/19/2005, so this is still in the future. Your comment about past due PO’s is also a problem that is plaguing us. We have noticed that Attain ignores “late” Purchase Orders along with Transfer Orders. I’m not thoroughly trained in MRP systems, but I’d hope the system would either provide a reschedule action or a cancel and new action for PO’s or Transfers wich are “late”. Thanks.

Hi Jerry I never got time to look at this today, I will do my best tomorrow, my apologies!

No problem Mr. Weaver. Thanks in advance for the help. [:D]

Hi Jerry I set up my item with the settings you described, creating a stockkeeping unit on the same location .The requisition worksheet suggested 5000 to be purchased and due today as I was below my reorder level today. I converted the suggestion to a purchase order. I released the purchase order. I then raised a customer order for 1000 with a delivery of 10/01/05 (US date format just for you!). I then received in 575 from the purchase order created and shipped these on the sales order just loaded to leave a balance on the sales order of 425. My stock at the relevant location was still zero. I then ran the requisition worksheet again and it suggested I purchase nothing. My current situation is that I have 4425 on purchase due in 09/22/05 and 425 on sales order due to be shipped 10/01/05. I noted in your example your purchase order was due on 10/09/05. I am not sure why this is, did you alter the date? If you had zero stock with a reorder point of 1000 Navision will want this fulfilled today. However I replicated your scenario, I created a new item with the same settings. I then generated a purchase order and set the expected receipt date to 10/09/05. I then processed a sales order through as required 09/22/05. I received and shipped the goods as earlier. I then recalculated the plan and the requisition worksheet said I should order 6000. with a due date of today [:D] Looking at the old service support system the combination of using maximum order policies and reorder points caused one mighty headache. The return postings imply hotfixzes were released for version 3.60 and 3.70. However having run it through in version 4.0 in the same scenario the replenishment of 5000 is still suggested. Looks like they have not resolved this issue fully. What I will say is that you would rarely hit this situation apart from start up, the reason being that running the worksheet regularly would suggest the purchase order for fulfillment at the projected dip below the reorder level, of course you may get high demand and stock outage between running but then the argument is your reorder level is set incorrectly [:D] Not much help I am afraid, except to say it looks like a real issue and you should report it and get your partner to fix it.

Mr. Weaver: Thank you very much for the help. We have reported this to our solutions provider, who in turn has also replicated the issue and turned it in to Microsoft. Sincerely, Jerry

Jerry Call me Steve, I am in my 30’s and you make me feel very old! I hope you get an answer soon.