Requisition with alternative vendors

Hi, Is there a way to use the requisition worksheet to choose vendors based on Lead Time Calculation or cheapest prices ? I have a scenario with multiple vendors offering the same articles, and they have different prices and Lead time (time they need to deliver). Some times the vendor with the cheapest price is preferred, but other times I need to pick the vendor who can deliver fastest. Can this be done with requisition in Navision ? I use Nav 4.0 …Bjarte

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As standard it uses the default vendor on the item card, if you use alternate vendors and drill down on the vendor card on the requisition worksheet it will list the defined vendors, if you do not use them it will simply show the vendor list. To get the requisition worksheet to perform how you describe will take modification work.

Thanks for the reply, Steven ! It’s always good to know that there is no easy way to do this, before I start the modification work :slight_smile: …Bjarte