Requisition Methods: Subcontract, Planning

Hello all, We are implementing navision in a manufacturing company, and we have some problems with the manufacturing module. We subcontract the main part of the steel work, but we still make some of this steelwork. After that we mount different parts on the main structure. So I miss one requisition method for subcontracting. The subcontracting facility of navision is well suited for subcontracting processes, but not for subcontracting products. Well, why not to define these products as purchase ?. In so many cases we send some parts to the subcontratist to be incorporated. In the first level (first bom attaced to the product), and in many cases in deeper levels (bom of assemblies of the first bom, and so on). Yes we can use routing versions and bom versions, so we can have orders for the subcontract and for the components to send to him, but there is an important overhead (calculate movement time, include specific unit cost, etc). I think it is much easier for implement and of course for maintain to have another requisition method for subcontracting products and of course still keeping the capability of subcontracting processes. This way you can have your boms and routings, and if you want to subcontract a complete product with several levels, sending some parts, you change the requisition method. In the boms you should have a checkmark (send to subcontratist). The lead time calculation should be the one of the item card. There should be only one line in the order (for the complete product) and a listing of parts sent. And there should be only one receipt for the main product not for all the deeper levels. The cost for the product should include the subcontract cost and all the parts sent to him, independently of the level (the parts attached to one bom of the 3 level should be charged to the main level, so there is no need for receipt an intermediate product that would have its cost distorted). Another interesting feature for starting up the manufacturing module is to have another requisition method or similar for the parts manufactured in our plant, with routings and boms. Instead of calculate the lead time from routings (you have to tune it very fine a lot of parameters: move time, concurrent capacities, send ahead time, queue time, capacity, efficiency, etc), you should be able to get the lead time from the item card, so you can have the mrp running with procurement times acording with reality. Yes, you can not use routings. But in this case you can not calculate capacity costs, you can not have rougth capacity needs, and you can not have job cards. We use now job cards, clocks with bar codes, etc and we want to use them to register work in the output journals. And last in this wish list is to have product version (multilevel boms with ability of version for the complete line of levels). I would like to have some feedback about these suggestions, and to know if somebody has found the same and has successfuly solved them. Thanks in advance, best regards, Diego Peinado Martín. INTRAME S.A.

Hi Diego, I fully agree with you and feel you have expressed the thoguhts I have about manufacturing. BR

So if there are demand for these funcionalities, how can we ask for them to navision ??. Is there any posibility for having them in a near future ? Thanks, and best regards,