Required Length, Width & Thickness & color field in sales order.

Hello everyone,

one of my user required Length, width, thickness & color as a product dimension group.

is it feasible functionally or any technical help required.

please find snap below with this post. I have changed other three but i m not able to change configuration one.

Also other fields are not working.

Thanks in advance.

Cannot see the snap shot.

Are you talking about the rename?

Can you elaborate?

BTW, rename is not allowed for configuration.


I want to change product dimension group for creating sale order with thickness,color,width & height.

As per attached snap i was trying to rename it but its not working,please guide.


Can we do it any technical way?

Yes, you can always add a new dimension.

See the implementation of exiting product dimensions. Example - Style

hi kranthi,

could u please explain this to me?

thanks in advance.



The developer can look at the existing product dimension’s implementation for creating a new product dimension.