RequestForm Size

Is it possible to change the RequestFormsize (depending e.g. on a boolean field) in a way that there are fields shown in the bigger size which are hidden in the “normal” Requestform size? Thanks for reply.

Try this on OpenForm() of your RequestForm IF ResizeForm THEN BEGIN RequestOptionsForm.LOGWIDTH(10000); RequestOptionsForm.LOGHEIGHT(9000); END; Personally I never use this method for RequestForm, I always set the size of my RequestForm at Design time an leave it like that … ######

Hi Rogner, Are you talking about requestOptions Form in a Report? Secondly you are saying that you want to maximize a form in order to display hidden fields. If i’m correct, you are able to see more buttons/options in particular form when its maximized and not in the smaller size. Is it so? Is this form a customized(>50000) range form or what. Did u check your options/buttons properties for alignment? Regards