Request report show only output and negative adjustment in inventory proplem

Hi guys when i make reverse to output for production order it must add negative adjustment.

so that I make report for contain to one data item .

this data item item ledger entry .

after reverse out put it will come negative adjustment

What i need to show only entry type output and negative adjustment

ex :

if i make output 50 then make

negative adjust -50

how i show only output and negative adjustment from item ledger entry table

How i do that


I using in data item table view properties of report to item ledger entry table the following statement : SORTING(Entry No.) ORDER(Ascending) WHERE(Entry Type=FILTER(Negative Adjmt.),Entry Type=FILTER(Output)) what i do it show only output entry type i need to show only output and negativeadjustment but all entries type remaing as purchase sales consumption no need / please if any one know tell me . thanks

Did you try WHERE(Entry Type=FILTER(Output|Negative Adjmt.))?

OK thank you very much