Request Item worksheet to be purchase order?

hi all I have a case

for example I have 3 departments in my company, let’s say department A,B,C

department A request item such as : Item 001,Item 002

department B request item such as : Item 003,Item 004,Item 005

department C request item such as : Item 005,Item 006,Item 007

in this case only Item 005 is the same request by Department B and C

I want to have a form that have requested by each department to request their needs…

after that the purchasing will join the items from every department to be purchase order

do the standard NAV can do this?

You can create Forecast by department… MPS will combine into one requisition.

which form if I may know?

so every department do not need to apply which vendor they will choose

only purchasing will select which vendor…