Request form in Dataport

After I put any label or textbox in Request form of Dataport,the automatic filename browerse textbox has gone, if I delete objects I added, it will come back. Does anyone know how to handle this? Thanks a lot Frank

Hi! I’m afraid you have to handle this problem by adding a textbox to your requestform with CurrDataport.FILENAME as source (or any text variable that you will later assign to CurrDataport.FILENAME). This won’t bring you the automatic filename browers textbox back but will allow you to get the filename where to export to or to import from at the same time as other informations. Have a look at, Forum Navision Financials, topic File Dialog in Dataports for more ideas. Hope this will help you.

If you make sure your textbox with the filename has id 1, it will provide you with the (standard) filedialog. Dennis van Es PerCom: Research & Development BV The Netherlands

As I put currdataport.FILENAME as textbox’s source, the textbox will not be editable,no matter set to which id number. Any more help? Kind Regards Frank

Yes, I found the trick way in, thank you very much for your kind help, KCL,Dennis. Frank