Request for verification

Hello I have logged a perceived error with manufacturing that I would like someone external to me to replicate. My NTR tells me they cannot replicate it, but I can do nothing but break it if I follow my eight steps.[:(!] Use the standard Cronus database version 3.60. 1. Create a new number series for planned production orders starting 2000. Create a new number series for released production orders starting 2000. No last number used fields are populated. 2. Ensure these number series are used in the appropriate sections in the manufacturing set-up (numbering tab) 3. Go into the inventory record for 1001 and set the flushing method on the manufacturing tab to “Backward”. Ensure a routing and production BOM is attached to the item. 4. Go into released production orders and create a new production order (2000) for 1 off 1001. Ensure standard method of creation is undertaken, using refresh and replan. 5. Create and post the output and consumption journals for production order 2000. 6. Change the status of the production order to Finished in the standard method. 7. Create a new planned production order (2000). 8. Create it for item 1001 and refresh the planned production order. At this stage I get the message “You cannot change Flushing Method to Back, when there exists at least one item ledger entry associated with it”. Can anyone please confirm this [:D]

Sorry Steven but I can not reproduce. At step 7, I suppose you mean (2001) in stead of (2000). Bye for now.

Hi, Steven. I also tried your process. I think I followed all the steps as you described, including defining two different numer series and getting number 2000 for both orders, but I didn’t get any error. Maybe there’s something more to tell about the involved entities? Anna

Hi guys Now I am really confused [:(!]. Thanks for doing this, I have also got a collegue to follow the instructions. I came across the “issue” whilst working on something else and realised that the releasing routine checked the ledger entries for the production order number without verifying the status of the order, so you could have conflicting messages (hence the reason step 7 uses the same number [:D]). Now I have to try and work out what is different on my Cronus to my colleagues or yours, or what I have set differently in my Cronus that I have not considered! Really really frustrating!! but thanks again for your help - and for doing it so quickly - it is really appreicated, despite giving me a further headache.