Request for advice for BACS payments

Hi there. The company I’m working with want to pay vendors by BACS. Could some kind person tell me what to do to make BACS work as the standard Navision package supplied by an overseas solution centre does not seem to have complete BACS functionality…Are we a granule missing? Thanks John

Hi John I believe you need the BACS granule 10510. After this it is a case of setting the system up correctly and getting the export to match the import requirements. You should be able to purchase this from your NSC.

You will also need the software from the bank/software house. If this software does not allow mapping of data (to the Navision export), it is fairly easy to modify the report (10550).

Hi John, You will also need to check which version your client is running on. If you are running 2.60 or earlier, then you will not be able to do this because the BACS export routine was not a feature until 3.01. If you are running an overseas version or the world wide version then you cannot do this because the BACS export routine is a GB only localization. To check the version, go Help → About Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision The version in brackes is the executable version, the version outside is the database (Which is the part you are concerned with). If it is not GB, then you will have to get the system localized. Hope this is of help!

Thanks for the advice guys. Will check whether or not we have the granule Rgds John