Request data in Excel from Navision

Hello all,

As a trainee in a Microsoft Dynamicx NAV company I have to complete the following:

Research if it’s possible to connect Excel with Navision in the following way:

In a cell in Excel you enter a product number. In another cell the price for that product is filled in automatically from Navision product data.

If so, I have to make an excel sheet that can do this.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Maarten and welcome to forum,

If your DB is MSSQL, theoretically it is possible, but with no practical usage - you must be an Excel & VBA programming expert, not Navision guru to accomplish this.

Besides, Price in Navision depends on many other factors, not single ItemNo. To name some - Customer or Customer group, different volume pricing schemas, current Campaign prices active and so on. Navision itself uses a complex algorithm to set Price in Invoice/Order, it handles even situations when several applicable Prices exist for given Item/Client/Qty/Date… combination exists and chooses “best price for customer” available, read, the lowest one.

I think a better solution to the problem would be to export the data to a csv file and open it with Excel.

… or use Excel’s DB Querying mechanisms to fetch data from Navision DB (SQL - or even Native through NODBC). But again - it’s more a task for Office/VBA programmer than Navision developer, strange you got such task/question during learning Navision programming…

To resolve tasks like this, the only “pure” Navision part is knowledge of table/fieds name(s) in Navision, and even these are pretty self-descriptive.