ReqTransFutureListPage new columns are not grabbing data


I have an assignment to add 2 columns of existing fields (in InventTable) to the form ReqTransFutureListPage and they need to bring over the data based on the Item Number column and also able to be filtered/sorted.

I have created an extension of the ReqTrans table and added ItemBuyerGroupId and ProdGroupId from the InventTable. Created a foreign key relation. I then extended the ReqTransFuture query and linked those fields together.

Before I tried just adding them to the form from the inventTable_ds and I was able to get data from the item but I was not able to filter/sort. Whenever, I clicked the column it threw an error stating: “Column is not able to be filtered”. There are a few other fields on there that give the same error message.

I don’t understand why it isn’t allowing both to happen when they are related and are going off the main datasource for the form.

The UI form is through Master Planning > Master Planning > Calculated Delays