Req. worksheet receipt date issue

Hello Experts.

I just started to explore the req. worksheet and there is one thing I cannot understand. Here is my setup:

Reordering policy: Fixed Reorder Qty
Reorder point: 36000
Reorder quantity: 36000
Lead time calc: 10W

I have a purchase order from 07.05. When I run the calc. plan Navision recommends to change the receipt date to 16.07. Todays date is 20.08, and this is also the order date when I run the calc plan. I would need a time machine to make this possible :-)…

As far as I can see, Navision will suggest a new receipt date based on the existing purchase order date and the Lead time calc. The problem is that when the expected receipt date is less than the Lead time calc, we cannot do anything to actually receive the items quicker, because they are on a boat from China, and I can’t make the boat go faster. So I would have thought that it would make more sense if Navision based this on the working date and the Lead time calc. ??

It tells you when you should have ordered it - obviously a suggestion. However if it ignored this and planned on lead time how would you know that the sales order you loaded will never be met?

We update the expected receipt date when we get a shipping confirmation from our vendor. Then we know when our sales orders can be met. I thought that when I set todays date as purchase order date in the calc plan, then orders will be from this date and forwards…

I am afraid not, the order date field is simply what will be written on the order date of the purchase order when the suggestions are firmed (or suggested)