Req.Worksheet – Action Message field Options

Yep - when you are defining transfers and want them automatically produced you are planning at a warehouse level, and you can only do this at SKU level - you will find a new replenishment system on the SKU card called transfer order.

you HAVE to fill Transfer from location on each SKU too

Thanks Adam,

I am working on cronus database Sp3.

I have a item 70002. It has two SKU .one is Blue and another one is Green

At blue it has 2500 items and at Green = 3 items.

Now I created a sales order for 300 items at green location.

I filled the replenishment option = transfer order and transfer from code = Blue. for Green Location.

And it doesnot have any Planning parameters in Item card . All are blank.

Now when I run the Req.Worksheet. it is not showing any result.What is the problem.

Thanks and regards

Well you will need to set the planning parameters!! These need defining at each location, otherwise if your overall supply satifiies demand nothing will be planned, and in reality if you do not do this it makes a nonsense of using SKU settings. You need to tell it how to plan at GREEN, not just to push stock there, so set a reordering policy and the appropriate fields, then plan.

Thanks Adam,

I could not understand u r valuable words. So above i explained my example.

So according to that please help what fields , and how to fill that parameters.

Just throw one example , based on that i will test with another values.

thanks and regards

Planning parameters will be selected from planning tab of either Item or stockkeeping unit card, depends on ur scenario. You can get details from the manual i had told you about.

You need to set the SKU planning parameters. Setting the replenishment system as Transfer does nothing unless you set the reordering policy! Then set the other order modifiers, the reorder point, the reorder quantity etc. You need to read the manual Imran keeps pointing you at [:D]