Repwise sales


this is swapna.

i have an one problem in Repwise sales report.

in that how to calculate for individual salesperson, Customer posting Group wise totals.

for ex: customer posting group having some groups like Rep Project, delerNet.

i have Sales Amount for individual salesperson.

That amount i want to devide customer posting group wise.

please help me.


swapna k.

Hi Swapna & Welcome to Dynamics User Group,

Are you using some navision base report and then modified it for your requirement, untill I know your requirement and how you are proceeding I can’t help you.

yes, it is Nav report (Rep wise sales report) in that i want to divide Sales amount in to 3 Parts depending on the Customer posting Group.

ex; one sales person have deferent posting groups. so i want their sales amount .

one salesperson total amount is 123234331111

now i want to divide this amount into customer posting group wise.

i have the deferent customer posting groups. like RepProject, Deler net, etc…;

so now i want to divide that total amount in to these groups.

please help me.

I couldn’t find any such report in W1 or US version, may be it is there in India localization.

By the way, what is the report number?

I don’t know the structure of report, so can’t tell exact detail. Try using GroupHeader & GroupFooter for Customer Posting Group.

Hi Swapna,

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