Hello All I have created a report with the first data item being sales header and the second being sales line. However, when I run the report, the output generates two print-outs for the first record in the selection, which is resulting in records for the sales line body being out of sync. For example order number 1 prints twice. The sales line associated with order number 1 prints ok for the first print out but the lines associated with order line 2 then print out against the second print out for order number 1. The sales lines then continue to print out against the wrong sales header order number. Any ideas?

hello, i had analogous situation with a couple of GroupFields in report. Probably it’s something like this case. BR, Anthony

Hi there In this case I only have Sales Header (Header) and Sales Line (body). That’s why I find it very strange… Thanks

Hello, according your words it must be printed so many times as document lines number value. It may be wrong key also. E.g., it doesn’t keep desired order of records. Best regards

Hi, I had a similiar problem with “NewPagePerRecord”-property (on first dataitem). I had also only 2 dataitems sales header and sales lines. When i let this report run, header and lines where also out of sync. Maybe a bug in Navision??

Is DataItemLink on indented DataItem set properly ?