We would like to run a report to sort by top items sold showing the quantity sold instead of dollars sold of an item. We don’t just want the top ten items to show up on the report. Thanks for any help.

Have a look at report 711 “Inventory Top 10 list”

What version are you using? I am using ver 2.5 and don’t have report 711. If you don’t have report 711 to look at, take a look at the current top inventory items report. You will see how it is done. A quick fix would be to substitute “Sales (Qty)” for “Sales ($)” in the AfterGetRecord trigger. This quick fix would mean giving up the ability to run it on $'s. A more permanent fix would be to look at the code in the report and make another choice, adding code for sales (qty).

The only problem using the top 10 is it only gives you the top 10. We would like to look at all inventory items printed with the top ranking ones first. Which top ten does not do. Thanks for all your help. I figure I would have to change a report to show us the quantity instead of dollars.

Although called a top 10 report - you can easily change the number of item shown on the options tab of the request form to be whatever quantity you want. regards, Adam Seaton

Thank you it worked but only for $ and 99 items or customers. But it is better than 10. Do you know of a report that shows ranking of items in on hand units?