hello every one

I am trying to build a report using Navision style sheets in word.

I have designed some tables in word document.

But when i import data from navision table in word document it destroys the format of the tables in word can i fix this problem.


From your question it is not really that clear what you are trying to do.

I can guess that you are trying to use the Send to Applications feature of Dynamics NAV 5.0 to create a customised “Report” when called from a List form in Dynamics NAV.

If this is the case, you should download the StyleSheet Tool that allows you to create your new stylesheets using a simple Word Mail Merge. This will allow you to use Word and Mail-merge fields to build your stylesheets. It is all quite well documented in the pdf documents of the download with samples you can follow.

If I have missed the mark completely and you are talking about something else, can you please give more details of what you are trying to acheive.