Reports with multiple format per company

I have 3 company running on AX 2012 Environment. Each company has its own layout for Sales Invoice.

The first Company has 2 layout/format.

here is the criteria:

-when a sales order is invoice updated,

a button for the layouts must be selected. example, there is button1 and button2, button1 is for layout1 and button2 is for layout2. once a button were selected, there will have next selection that will allow you 2 choices. one is to let you Print invoice and the other will allow you to print Packing Slip.

the other 2 company has 1layout each.

it is much simpler, either the Invoice format or PackingSlip format is to be printed upon invoice update of the Sales Order.
Similarly, a selection needs to be available:

  1. A Button need to be selected:

a. Print Invoice-Invoice format to be printed

b. Print Packing slip-packing slip format to be printed