Reports take data from the wrong database

Initially, I did the report in DEV site in SERVER A. Then, I deploy this report in PROD site in SERVER B. The data in the PROD are up to date, the data in DEV was not. When I generate the report in PROD in SERVER B, I can’t get up to date data. I can only get the data was not up to date and the data get from DEV in SERVER A because the data has been inserted into the TEMP table in DEV in SERVER A. Would you please tell me which part of setting do I get it wrong? Thank you

Does it mean that all your reports take data from a wrong database? I can’t imagine how a single report would connect to a different server then other AX reports on the same report server.

All reports take data from a wrong database

It means that you haven’t configured correctly the connection between SSRS report server and AX.
Do you have both AX instances and both report servers on separate Windows servers, or are you trying to reuse something? Note that you shouldn’t have DEV and PROD environments on the same servers.

Both AX instance are in separate server, but the report server are in the same server

Please consult Technet: Install multiple instances of Reporting Services on the same computer.

Was there any recent change in the AOS/ SSRS? Was an existing SSRS service redirected to a new AOS? Have you checked the setting in Ax System Admin and verified which server it is pointing to?