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hi all:

i’ve built a new report that has three data item tables(customized tables).well, the first data item is the reference of the second and the second is the reference of the third and i faced two problems till now[:S] :

  1. i want only the first data item to appear in the tabs when the report is run without the others.

2)when the id of the first data item is selected as the filter for the report data, the look up arrow doesnot show the list of records to select from although the list exits!

can anyone help me [:)] ?

thank you in advance

  1. Lookup the DataItemTableView and ReqFilterFields properties and play around with them.

  2. Lookups are based on the LookupFormID property of the table you are trying to use. Any code in the OnLookup trigger of a text box will override that, even a comment.

Good luck.

Hi Rim

1.your first problem is removing the second and third data item tables TABs from the request page, For this you need to mention the DtatItemtableView property

for the second and third data items.

go to the design mode of the report.point the second datd item press Shift+F4 it will ope the property window for the second data item. point the DtaItemtableview property and click the assist edit will o pe a small pallet window .in that window select a key and seclect the order(asscending or descending). save and the same for the third data item.

2.Normally look forms are the list for of the particular table.kindly check the below mentioned points

1.go to design mode of your custom table

2.go to the properties of the table

3.Check there any form names mentioned in the LookUpFormID property

4.If not create a new list form for the table and mention the new form’s ID in the LookUpFormId property of your custome table.

Now run your report only first data item will be visible in the request form and click the look up button your new list form will be open with data


Jerome Marshal.J

thank you very much.that worked [:)].i’m sure i’ll face other problems because it is the first time i build reports so i wish your help[:$]. thanks again

Hi Rim

Kindly verify the will be helpful for others who is facing same problem


Jerome marshal.J