Reports missing on the report menu

some reports are missing in the report menu while this reports are in the AOT.some employees saves this reports as their favorites so they can able to access this but others can’t see such report in the report menu of concerned module.

Are you saying that some users can see them and some can’t? It sounds like that some users haven’t been granted permissions to see these menu items.

yes Mr.Martin yes some user can see and some can’t but all of them sharing same security group access.and the user who can see the report they have placed it on favorites but in the module->reports they can’t find

My understanding of the last sentence is that nobody can see it in module->reports. Is that correct?

Is it the menu at all?

yes you are correct the reports are not listed in the module–>report

but I can see the reports in AOT.

Please share the screen shots to explain your problem if possible

If it’s the same for all users and “all of them sharing same security group access”, then it’s still possible that they don’t have permissions for the menu item.

What I meant by my last question was that maybe the menu item isn’t in the menu (in AOT) at all. Please take a look. If it’s not there, then you have your answer - nobody can see something that doesn’t exist. If it’s there, the problem is most likely in permissions.

Dear Mr.Martin the reports are available in AOT->menuitems->output but not showing in the Modules->Reports for e.g. PO_Packingslip is available in menuitems while not in Accountpayable->reports

You merely confirmed that such a menu item exists, but not that it’s used in the menu where you would like to see it. Look at AOT > Menus > …