Does any has Idea How to make the Item Description as Header of the reports?[:)]

and the the quantity that invoice as a body…Hoping for your reply…TY

Could you please be a bit detailed on what you exactly require? Thanx


It very complicated…because I want to show all the item description as header. and as a body I want to show all the quantity base on Posted Invoice Transaction…but as start i want to test first to show the Item description as header. I like a matrix type of reports…hoping for your reply…

It sounds like you want item data to appear as columns instead of rows.

This is possible, but the basic problem is that you have a limited width for your reports. You’ll have to take a guess about the maximum number of unique items you’ll have – let’s say its 8.

  • Create a variable call ItemColumns type record, Item, dimensions 8. Quantities type decimal, dimensions 8.

  • Create a variable called tempItem type record, Item temporary

  • Create a dataitem called purch. invoice line. In the predataitem trigger, loop through all of your purch. Invoice lines and insert all of the unique items into tempItem – e.g. tempItem := Item.get( purch. inv. line.“Item No.” ) ; if tempItem.insert then ;

  • Create 8 columns in your report. In the header, set the source expression tempItem[1].Description, tempItem[2].Description … etc.

  • In the after get record of Purch Invoice Line. set the quantity for each column equal to the quantity for each item.

  • you’re done!

But for this kind of report, its probably better to do it as a matrix box, and export it to excel.