Reports calling new reports and filling in request pages

Hey all,

I have two reports A ID 01 and B ID 02

on the OnPostReport() trigger of Report A i’ve got:


this pulls up the request page for report B.

Is there anyway to auto populate some of the fields of report b’s request page with values and data from report A?

I’d be happy to explain further if this isn’t clear.

thanks so much!

On Report B Create a function like below

Declare 3 global variables
Global1 (All the below global fields will be fields that you want to populate from Report A
Create a new function like below
SetRequestFilter(Variable1,variable2,variable3) //all variables from Report A That are being passed.
Global1 := variable1
Global2 := variable 2
Global3 := variable 3

On Report A On Post Report
Declare a variable for Report A Call it
ReportB Datatype Report ReportNo.

ReportB.setRequestFilter(PassVariable, PassVariable2, PassVariable3);

After Report A is run Report B will automatically run with the passed filters. If Report A falters with error Report B will not run.