Reports & Bitmaps

Hi All, I want to print a special Bitmap in a report. Therefor i put an image in the section and in the Property Bitmap i put the correct path of the Bitmap. Everything works fine. There are several bitmaps stored in the database. Is it possible to store my own Bitmaps in the Database, too? And when, how can i do this? Thanks in advance. Greetings, Frank

Frank, to do this, you must make a BLOB-field (Binary Large OBject-field) in your table. Then you can save your bitmap in the database. Don’t forget to do a CALCFIELD on your BLOB-field before trying to access the field, otherwise you will not be able to see your bitmap. Good luck, Bartel W. de Leeuw

You might want to look General Ledger\Setup\Company Information as a reference. Here you can import bmp’s into the database. Taylor McCartney Development Specialist CSB Systems

Thanks for your answers. It works fine. Greetings, Frank

Said it before, but as it’s no common knowledge still, repeat it again. Make sure you have set the resolution of your bitmap. If the resolution is set, you can make the picture as nice as the printer can give you, while at the same time Navision can do a proper scaling for display on screen. To set the resolution of your pictures, see the download section for some tools. Or get yourself Paint Shop Pro 7 (see for free evaluation copy) which is able to set the “real world size” for you (menu Image, Resize). John