ReportRun, printer dialog and menu item

Hi there, I have created a report (using the wizard for the basics). The custom requirements for this report are for the target to default to an Excel file based on parameters stored in a setup table. This was easy enough to accomplish with the following code in an overrided prompt method: PrintJobSettings settings = element.printJobSettings(); ; settings.setTarget(PrintMedium::File); settings.format(PrintFormat::HTML); settings.fileName(getDefaultFilename()); return super(_enableCopy, _enablePages, _enableDevice, _enableProperties, _enablePrintTo); Now the wierdness starts. First, I noticed that after setting these values, when the print dialog comes up, I can no longer select the target (the file should only be a default, not enforced). I tried renaming my print method and even deleting it so the default would be called, but this still happens! Also, I have set up an output menu item that calls the report, and I notice that when the report is called this way, the user cannot change the range settings directly, but must click the selct button to open the query form. Is there any way to make the range fields on the job form editable? Thanks, Matt (override the prompt method on the report to first set the target, type and filename). However, I noticed that