Reporting Tool

Dear All,


I am developing a new system in NAV 5.0 SP1. My clients need to view reports through queries by themselves.

can anybody suggest me which report generating tools should I use and can we connect it with NAV through ODBC.

Please suggest.

Thanking you all in advance.

SSRS is you best option.

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Thank you David,

But SSRS, I am not developing in SQL server, i am using native database.

Can we do what you said in native database too…

If you are using native, I suggest to move to sql server. Instead of spending the money on reporting tool, suggest to spend it on 64 bit sql server.

You can use N/ODBC – it’s the ODBC driver for the native database.

But Rashed is right - get SQL Server.

if you use Native db, the simplest and easiest tool to deploy is MS Access and/or MS Excel.
simply setup the N/ODBC.

from MS Access, you can get external data - LINK TABLES ; then choose the N/ODBC name.
from MS Excel, you can do Data - Import External Data - New Database Queries ; then choose the n/odbc name ; you have an option to save your queries also for later uses.

don’t you think users are very familiar with Excel and q.b.e (queries)?