Reporting services crash while deploying static reports in AX 2012

We have few reports which are static & some of them are customized.

But when we deploy the customized or non-customized reports, the reporting service restarts & throws timeout warning & request failed with http status 503 error.

Open Microsoft AX 2012 Management shell from Start → Administrative tools → Microsoft AX 2012 Management shell.

Write the following command

Publish-AXReport -ReportName CustTransList –SkipReportServerAdminCheck where CustTransList is the report name to be deployed.

Hope this helps for deploying report

Thank you for your suggestion Lalit.

But I’m still facing the same error.

We are going to reinstall the reporting services & check whether it resolves the issue.

I’ll give an update after the process.

Also, can you please explain what is the last parameter value used for?

The last parameter is used to deploy the reports without the administrator privileges as permissions are generally needed to deploy the report.

Hello Lalit,

Only SalesConfirm report is not deploying other reports were deployed successfully. We are gettting the error that reporting services extension has not been installed.