Reporting "pre" General Ledger Entries from not posted document

I’am looking for such modification in Navision or information/suggestions how to do it - I want to see, only report, how General Ledger Entries will look like before posting a document. Many Navision’s users, especially accountants, want to see such information. I checked Navision code for posting operation and there is a lot of complicated business logic for every system configuration case.

Well, it is not so complex at all.

There is a function in CU 80 which makes a posting buffer which has all g/l stuff. Just copy that and run a form on it. This will show most G/L entries exept I think the VAT and turnover but those can be seen in the statistics.


On each general ledger account there is a tick box called “reconciliation account”. If you tick this when you come to post a journal there is an option on the posting button called reconcile (F9) this lists the changes in the accounts marked as reconciliation accounts from the posting of the journal.

Thank you for your advice but it solves the problem only in case of posting the journal, but I want a report from posting a sales invoice.

Thank you very much. For me it’s complex now because I’m learning programming Navision ( I’m expert in Dynamics Great Plains but not in Navision). But it seems to me that your advice will be very helpful.

Hello You can also look at this thread. You can create single instance codeunit and post the PO, then Error out and at the end and you’ll have your glentries in single instance CU.

And the other thread that is mentioned over there: