Reporting on Bill-to Customer

GB3.60 - I want to use the bill-to customer functionality to consolidate 10 customer accounts into one invoice account to which payment will be made by the customers head office. No problem. But then I’d like to look at the balance on the central account and report/filter/show in some way the original customer that the transaction came from. Although I can navigate back to the original invoice, there is nothing on the customer ledger transactions. It would also be nice to run reports such as Aged debtor and see the main account broken down into the bill-to accounts. How has anyone got around these issues? Added a ‘Customer’ dimension? Source code? Development? Any ideas very welcome… thank,

Hi Adam We have done this differentiation on bill-to and sell-to customer to get sales figures for the branches where they have a bill-to set. We put the figures on the F9 statistics sheet, but from memory there is a flowfilter on the customer record that shows you the invoice by bill-to, you will need to copy this field and alter the filter to read sell-to rather than bill to, and then do all the programmer type things (implementor being suitably vague [:D]) like calc sums and bringing hte field forward in the appropriate places.

Thanks Steve - found the sell-to reference on the zoom - the label had duped me a little! At least we can now filter the ledger transactions and should be able to build the other functionality from here… thanks,