Reporting Multiple Dimensions on Account Schedules

Hello. I would like to be able to report on more than the 2 global dimensions through our account schedules. I know that this is possible through analysis views, but for some reason (license) we do not have permission to run analysis views. Is there another way? Should I have access to analysis views - we have the Basic Dimensions Granule (#4760) but not the advanced granule (4780)?

Permission error - “You do not have permission to view the Analysis View table”. I am a super uesr in the system; so I assume this is a license issue.

Thanks a lot.


You need to buy the advanced dimensions granule to see analysis views, and attach them to account schedules to include these in the views etc.

Basic dimensions was introduced as a replacement for Departments and Projects from 2.60, Advanced dimensions means analysis views. If you upgraded your license form 2.60 to 3xx you automatically got basic dimension, but advanced you need to purchase.

I was afraid of that - having to purchase advanced dimensions.

Thanks for all of the information.