Reporting manually released sales orders

I have one question regarding Dynamics NAV.

In the system a limited number of users can release sales orders manually in case the credit limit has been exceeded and shipments are blocked by the system. I would like know whether NAV can provide me with a report showing all manually released sales orders over a specified period (i.e. Januay 1th, 2013 - current date) OR how to export the required transactional data over the specified period.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, why don’t you consider customizing relase function in order to create an archived versione of sales order (tables Sales Header Archive - Sales Line Archive)?

Hi Bart and welcome to forum!

Exceeded credit limit is only a warning in standart NAV - if shipments are blocked, it already is a modification for your system.

Besides, RELEASING a SO does nothing else, than protect it from accidental changes and allow to filter out SOs likely to be finished and ready for further processing, no more. You may have a customisation here, too, as in standard Release-Reopen can be done as many times as the user is willing.

Therefore, you should contact your Partner with this issue. Besides, releasing is always manual, (in contrary to such statuses as Pending Prepayment, for example), so w/o modifications you can’t distinguish the cause of status change.

What you can do “out-of-box” is logging ALL the SO status changes by activating Change Log for this particular field, but it’s not exactly what you’re asking for.