Reporting finish a quarantine order to change warehouse destination


I am trying to report as finish one quarantine order and the purpose of using the report as finish is to change the warehouse destination.

My warehouse setting is having 3 warehouses:

Warehouse: WH01 | Default type: Default | Quarantine : WH02

Warehouse: WH02 | Default type: Quarantine | Quarantine :

Warehouse: WH03 | Default type: Default | Quarantine : WH02

and the item module group having the “Quarantine management” is checked.

Am creating one PO with QTY of 100 PCS and am receiving it in Warehouse WH01, which will create a quarantine order automatically and the material is been moved to WH02.

On “Functions” am selecting “Split” to 75 PCS and 25 PCS.

The purpose is that 75 PCS can go back to WH01 warehouse and 25 PCS need to go to WH03 warehouse.

Am using the function “Report as finish” when am select the 25 PCS line, and i select the “Name” which is the Item arrival journal name.

the item arrival journal is created and when i go to lines i found that the warehouse is WH02, which is correct.

Then am going to “Dimension” Tab so i can change the warehouse from WH02 and make it WH03, and the system doesn’t stop me, and even i post the journal and still no error appears nor anything, BUT if i refresh the journal the warehouse become changed and gets back to WH02.

so while posting the arrival journal it’s getting override by i dont know what function but i assume the quarantine management, and it send the material back to the main warehouse i received in in the first place, so quarantine receive from WH01 and it MUST and no way to send back to any other warehouse except WH01 .

if this is the logic then there is two errors:

1- The item arrival journal created by the quarantine should block the selection of the warehouse, so there will be no confusion.

2- in this case, what is the use of “report as finish” if we cant change the warehouse? i mean its equally the same as using the “End” function where i dont have to enter anything and material goes back to the main warehouse automatically just like what “Report as finish” is forcing me to have.

if anyone knows if its a bug then please let me know, or if anyone knows any parameter could be changed to over come this issue, then your help is really appreciated.