I’m having a problem with my customized pay statement report.

I added a Quantity field in the report to retrieve the quantity value entered on the system of description as “overtime”,but the quantity is Zeroed for some worker’s even though it is not on the system.

Any Help ??

What’s your version of AX and reporting technology (MorphX/SSRS). Please never forget this information, it’s extremely important.

Did you test your data source (query, RDP)? The problem is usual there, not in a report, so you don’t have to deal reports at all.

By the way, what do you mean by “the quantity is Zeroed for some worker’s even though it is not on the system”?

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I’m using Dynamics AX R2 2012 !

I have a customized SSRS report “Pay Statement” by which it is required to have a field called Quantity to retrieve a quantity value form the system ,more specifically form pay statement form -on payroll module. After checking the report (on screen) f , I noticed that “Quantity” is displayed as 0 even though it is not zero on the system.

I checked the report and the Expression defined on the quantity field, and it seems correct and perfectly compatible with the set up.

can U please elaborate more of what can be actually missing in the query or RDP ??

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Maybe your expression is correct but it doesn’t receive right data from your data source (e.g. a RDP class).